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Bathroom Remodeling in Plymouth and Southeast MI

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Is your dated, dingy, mildew-ridden bathroom in need of updating? D&M Construction Management can provide you with the best bathroom remodeling services in Plymouth, MI you’ll find.

We have a team of interior designers who will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and design ideas and contractors dedicated to giving you the perfect bathroom you deserve

Professional Bathroom Remodeling Solutions In Plymouth MI

At D&M Construction Management, we specialize in providing you with comprehensive services, guiding you through the entire remodeling project–from the initial planning and design phase to project completion.

Whether you need to upgrade your bathroom or update its design to fit your current needs, D&M Construction Management can help. Allow us to remodel your bathroom, giving it a timeless beauty and transforming it into the oasis you have been dreaming of.

We will leave your home with a modern bathroom fitted with everything, including a walk-in shower, master bath, soaking tub, and double vanity.

What You Can Expect at D&M

D&M Construction Management has an in-house design that are experienced in remodeling our team can help you gain a clearer understanding of your desired result and how it would look. The team will work closely with you, creating a complete 3D design of your vision, including your desired furnishings.

With such detailed designs, you can virtually walk through the final space even before our contractors break ground.


Most bathrooms don’t withstand the tests of time. Many become outdated after a decade or two, making your once stylish bathroom into an archaic lavatory. Luckily, a major bathroom remodel can turn your old bathroom into a sophisticated washroom. 

You might be asking yourself, “What happens in a major bathroom remodel?” A complete bathroom overhaul consists of many steps and can take a few days to complete (sometimes weeks, depending on the size). By the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of what happens in a major bathroom remodel and what you can expect during the renovation process.

Historical Kellogg Park Plymouth MI,

When John Kellogg arrived in Plymouth in 1832 from New York State, he built the Plymouth House on the corner of Ann Arbor Trail and Main Street, facing the Village Green, now known as Kellogg Park. Today you can enjoy live concerts, art and so much more.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

We take pride in our team and the quality of work they deliver. As a show of this confidence, we guarantee every aspect that comes into contact with your project; from design through installation – you can be rest assured knowing there will be no differences made without fail or question! Poor craftsmanship has been known time after again as one thing leading up to poor results so don’t accept another company’s offer unless trust truly runs deep between yourself & them

D&M Construction Management is a professional company and we value your business. We return phone calls as well as we keep you up to date on your project weekly with progress reports. When you call our text we will respond in a timely manner.  

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These guys are super professional and efficient. They came out same day to look at my project and knocked it out in a very timely manner. They were friendly to work with and had excellent communication throughout the project. Highly recommended!
Tony and Andy were very professional. They gave me some great ideas for the layout which really worked out well. They always notified me in advance when the workers were coming. I was happy that the job was completed so fast and wasn't dragged on. The work that was performed was excellent and I was very pleased. I would highly recommend them.